Shots in the News!

21st Century Funny: How Bart Baker, John Shahidi And The Fine Brothers Make It Big – Forbes (10/17/2016)

Shots Studios rebrands from selfie app to social star video factory – TechCrunch (10/5/2016)

Justin Bieber-Backed Shots Prioritizes Making Video For Other Platforms – BuzzFeed (10/4/2016)

Forbes Announces First Round of Speakers for its Third “Under 30 Summit” – Forbes (6/15/2016)

The Business Behind Shots – Business News Network (6/7/2016)

Mike Tyson did an awkward freestyle rap in front of a puppet – SB Nation (5/19/2016)

Shots acquires Mindie to build a teen video app empire – TechCrunch (4/20/2016)

Bieber-backed Shots goes beyond selfies with links and comedy – TechCrunch (3/3/2016)

Selfie App Shots Wants to Graduate From the Selfie – Re/code (3/3/2016)

Shots, The Justin Bieber-Backed App, Adds Link Posts, Emojis – BuzzFeed (3/3/2016)

Justin Bieber ‘Collaborates’ With A Dude’s Stomach – MTV (11/25/2015)

More Than A Selfie App, Shots Produces Original Videos With Puppets (And Bieber) – TechCrunch (10/29/2015)

Justin Bieber Does His Best De Niro Impression While Being Interviewed By A Puppet – MTV (10/29/2015)

John Shahidi on working with celebrities – Bothsides TV (9/05/2015)

John Shahidi: The King of Twitter and CEO of Shots – The Huffington Post (8/16/2015)