Shots in the News!

Forbes Announces First Round of Speakers for its Third “Under 30 Summit” – Forbes (6/15/2016)

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Mike Tyson did an awkward freestyle rap in front of a puppet – SB Nation (5/19/2016)

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Justin Bieber ‘Collaborates’ With A Dude’s Stomach – MTV (11/25/2015)

More Than A Selfie App, Shots Produces Original Videos With Puppets (And Bieber) – TechCrunch (10/29/2015)

Justin Bieber Does His Best De Niro Impression While Being Interviewed By A Puppet – MTV (10/29/2015)

John Shahidi on working with celebrities – Bothsides TV (9/05/2015)

John Shahidi: The King of Twitter and CEO of Shots – The Huffington Post (8/16/2015)

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Photo Sharing App Shots Does Some Things Better Than Instagram, Including Sending This Positive Message – Bustle (7/14/2015)

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Selfie app Shots raises $8.5 million in funding, adds video feature – Los Angeles Times (4/24/2015)

Selfie App Shots Moves Beyond Bieber With $8.5 Million in Funding – Wall Street Journal (4/21/2015)

20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter – (3/16/2015)

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Selfie app Shots grows to 1M users with help of teenage girls – CNET (4/10/2014)

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Justin Bieber-Backed “Shots of Me” Launches Selfie Sharing App – TechCrunch (11/12/2013)

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